so who the fuck are you, anyway?

i'm glad you asked! or am i. HEEHEEHOO. anyway, my name is reese casper raine, though i usually just shorten it to reese casper or reese. any work.

i am a queer artist and animator born and raised in the US, i focus most of my efforts on character design and storytelling.

i am also a hobbyist musician and game developer, and i am putting all of those skills to the test via my game, developed in RPGMaker VX ACE, which is currently still in very early stages of development because i hate to draw.

i am not a person! though i am frequently mistaken for one. (my imitation must be good, then?) despite this, i like people very much, and don't mind being lumped in with them. heeheeheehoo

i am mostly inspired by retro video games, technology, weirdly niche personal experiences, and the hello charlotte series by Etherane.

this site, though, is not an art blog. instead, you will be subjected to my personality! oh, shock, horror. i hope you'll enjoy your stay.